{DEAR SENIOR YEAR} + Writing & Life Update

Dear Senior Year,
 It all started when “12th grade” was printed on my church camp wristband. Then, I was in the senior group at another camp. And finally, I attended the meeting that would officially kick you off- that was where we had the discussion about my graduation date, by the way. Thanks for that.
 And thanks for stealing my junior summer. Really appreciate that ;). Also, for invading my life. Yeah, that was just wonderful.
 Just kidding. I wasn’t ready for that.

Wrap Up

{WRAP UP} Realm Makers 2018

*screams for six hours, seven minutes, and forty-three seconds*
Ok, now that that’s out of the way…
I HAD SUCH A BLAST AT REALM MAKERS and now I’m going to give you a post alllll about it. Here you go! I apologize in advance if this ends up being super long…


{WIP WILL} Chapter 1 Sneak Peek – Part 1

Will Austin zipped up his over sized gray jacket, sighing heavily as he did so. The first hints of sunlight shone in through the blinds, casting a striped sheet of darkness and light over his quiet bedroom. Everything was still. Even the prolonged ziiippp sound triggered his frustration. He didn’t mind the quiet. Nothing sounded better to him than pretending that his parents weren’t down the hall getting ready to walk out the door. The quiet made it easier to fool himself into believing that it was just a harshly cold November night, and he’d only risked the icy floor boards to find a jacket.
His dad was leaving. Again.