{WIP WILL} Chapter 1 Sneak Peek – Part 1

Will Austin zipped up his over sized gray jacket, sighing heavily as he did so. The first hints of sunlight shone in through the blinds, casting a striped sheet of darkness and light over his quiet bedroom. Everything was still. Even the prolonged ziiippp sound triggered his frustration. He didn’t mind the quiet. Nothing sounded better to him than pretending that his parents weren’t down the hall getting ready to walk out the door. The quiet made it easier to fool himself into believing that it was just a harshly cold November night, and he’d only risked the icy floor boards to find a jacket.
His dad was leaving. Again.


{WHAT’S UP, SUMMER?} Goals + Bucketlist + Writing Update

Hey there, awesome person! Ahhhh, are you pumped for the summer? Because I am! Though it’ll probably end up busier than the school year, as always, I’m super excited. Basically, it got really hot really quick, my computer hates me because I keep filling its already-full stomach with words, I’M ATTENDING MY FIRST WRITING CONFERENCE THIS SUMMER. I’ll start out with my summer goals.

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{AUDIENCES} You Can’t Please Everyone

As writers, and entrepreneurs even, we all want to get our stories and our words out to the world. I mean, what writer wouldn’t? We market our books, we hand out copies, we tell our friends about them.
And then we can so easily get disappointed and discouraged when someone doesn’t like what we’ve written or writes a negative review. Things like that can make us feel like we’re not good at what we do.
Can I just tell you, that is not the case? At least, most of the time it’s not.