Be You Do You

{WHAT IS BEAUTY?} The World’s Lie & The True Meaning

Beauty is a big deal in our culture today, and the definition of it is obvious. We see it displayed on the cover of magazines, in so many social media posts, and in the masks of make up we wear.

We all want to be beautiful because the world has told us that its definition of beauty gives us value and worth. But this mindset is damaging. Here’s why.


{WALK WITH GOD} Make 2019 the Best It Can Be with These Four Steps

We’re five days into the new year, and I have already learned so much through a freshly made commitment to read the Bible.
You’ll here people all the time talk about how you can learn a lot from sitting under a pastor, speaker, etc. But you’ll get the most out of your own time spent with the Lord.
I’ll testify to that. And I just wanted to quickly share something that stood out to me in my Bible reading this week, because I think it’s something we can all take away from and use to make 2019 the best it can be.
If you want to strengthen your relationship with God this year and live out His beautiful plan for your life, here are four steps to help you do that.


{DEAR SENIOR YEAR} + Writing & Life Update

Dear Senior Year,
 It all started when “12th grade” was printed on my church camp wristband. Then, I was in the senior group at another camp. And finally, I attended the meeting that would officially kick you off- that was where we had the discussion about my graduation date, by the way. Thanks for that.
 And thanks for stealing my junior summer. Really appreciate that ;). Also, for invading my life. Yeah, that was just wonderful.
 Just kidding. I wasn’t ready for that.