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Hey, awesome people! Here’s an extra post for you- The Liebster Award. To be honest, I really have no clue about this tag. BUT. I shall follow the rules, and see how it goes.

First off, thank you Catharine, for nominating me! Your blog is LOVELY. I’m glad we could connect through this.


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
  • Name 11 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to do this tag, and let them know.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.


Where is the farthest you have been from home? Hmmm…I think Florida is the farthest. It’s been a long time, though. We went out of state for a wedding when I was in first grade, and made a vacation out of it.

Why did you start blogging? To connect with other writers and bloggers and share my writing journey.

What’s your favorite season? Does fall into winter count? Because I really love November and December! That time of year (even though it leads into a new year, which makes me sad…) is my favorite! (This question was asked twice, so I’m answering only 10 questions?)

What was the best day of your life? Oh wow… I would say the day I became a Christian, but I think I might actually have to say a night at church camp one year when I really kind of realized that my mistakes and sins were heavy, but they couldn’t change God’s love for me, or His promise of eternal life. I was really young when I got saved, so I don’t think I fully understood the weight of my sins? So, yeah.

Cats or dogs? DOGS. Cats are evil. (Sorry cat lovers…)

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time? Why? Hmm…yeah, I guess I’ve wished that I could back and change certain things in my life. But also, liKE YEAH HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO VISIT ANOTHER TIME PERIOD?? I would go back to so many different times. 1400s…1700s…and then, would it not be super cool to see how things were around the time of the civil war?? Is it just me? Ok, anyway…

Vintage or modern? Hmmm…modern? Yeah, probably modern.

Math/Science or Writing/Art/Music? DEFINITELY WITHOUT A DOUBT writing/art/music!! I do not like science, and while math doesn’t kill me, it’s certainly not my favorite.

What’s your dream vacation? Oh wow, another hard one… I honestly don’t know. Like, there are so many possibilities! Like, to go the the beach?? Or the mountains?? I mentioned going out of town for a wedding- it was in Tennessee, and we stayed in the super amazing cabin in the mountains and OH MY WORD. It was like, a-mah-zing! So maybe there?? And if I could do it with my blogger friends, that would be even better??

Tea or coffee? Neither! I like me some hot chocolate!

11 Facts About Me:

  2. I’m a homebody.
  3. I have four siblings.
  4. I’ve been to twelve states.
  5. I’m a neat freak.
  6. Also a perfectionist (most of the time).
  7. I cry in books and movies.
  8. Like, I legit cried in Finding Dory. Yep, I’m broken.
  9. I have a really crooked pinky. Yes, I’ve freaked people out before.
  10. And my eyes & eyebrows do weird things.
  11. Did I mention I love sushi?

I nominate:

Audrey Caylin @ Audrey Caylin | Abbiee @ Abbiee | Abby @ Exactly Abby | Lydia @ A Bit of Life | Catherine @ The Rebelling Muse | Livy Lynn @ Livy Lynn | Ivie @ Ivie Writes | Ainsley @ Ainsley Hope Blog | Charis Rae @ Charis Rae | Jonathan @ Fishing 4 Ideas | Caitlyn @ Salt And Light

Questions for the Nominees:

  1. What are your hobbies?
  2. Favorite part of blogging?
  3. Favorite quote?
  4. Tea, Coffee, or other?
  5. Favorite subject?
  6. Favorite day of the week?
  7. Favorite band?
  8. Introvert or Extrovert?
  9. Warm of Cool weather?
  10. Favorite place you’ve visited?
  11. Biggest goal for the year?

You guys should totally checked out the tagged blogs because, well, JUST YES. They are great! Thanks again for tagging me, Catharine! I hope you all enjoyed this post.

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14 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Whoops, sorry I asked the same question twice! I was trying to figure out different questions to ask than the ones that were asked of me, and somehow question asking is not my strong suit??? XD Thanks for doing this, Riley!

    1. Haha, I totally feel you! I almost did the same thing…oops! And yeah, it was a lot of fun! Thanks again for tagging me, girl!

  2. Great job!! Thanks so much for nominating me, I am so excited to do this. I loved learning a little more about you and girl it’s so cool that you’ve been to 12 states!! I LOVE to travel and see new places! Awesome job ❤️!

    1. No problem, girl! I can’t wait to see your post! Thanks! Yeah, me too, but it’s actually been a while since I was in a new state. Hoping to go through some more this year.
      Thanks, Lydia <3
      ~ riley aline

  3. I loved your responses to the questions, Riley!

    Hehee, I share your sentiments on cats (with one exception, I knew a very cuddly old cat named Patches, sweetest little cat ever).

    Thank you for nominating me!


    1. Thank, Catherine!

      Yasss! (Well, the one we had was absolutely evil…haha! I’m sure SOME cats can be sweet…but I’m also sure it’s RARE).

      No problem, Catherine!

  4. Thank you for nominating me!! I’m excited to be nominated again for this year. I recently did the 2017 version and forgot we’re in a new year. XD I will be doing this soon! <3

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