Writing Goals {2018}

So, this is kind of a special writing year. It’ll be my second year of serious writing, my second year of blogging (later this month is my blogiversary), and knowing more writers this year is the best. Last year, my driving goal was to finish Daisy and publish it before I turned 16. And, well, I met that goal. Then, to wrap up the year, I wrote the start of another book idea for NaNoWriMo.

So, this year is kind of open? Well, it is now, anyway. Now that I have a published work that’s part of a series, my next step would naturally be to get ready to publish the next one, right? It was. I was planning to work on Will this year. But…

I’ve decided to work on several different things this year, and kind of take a break from publishing this year.

I don’t necessarily regret publishing? It’s just, I really didn’t know what I was doing. At all. In my mind, publishing was going to push me along because I was so discouraged after having worked on the story for over two year. Well, I think learning how to write was what I needed (yeah, I can hear all the duhs…I’m telling you, I had NO CLUE. I AIN’T LYING).

I just could’ve done a lot better had I really realized all the resources out there available to me. The majority of the time I spent writing my novella, Daisy, I spent without you guys, and the writing community I found just a year ago. I didn’t know what my next step needed to be. I didn’t know how to craft a story.

And there are so many of you just enjoying the ride! Those of you who have been writing far longer than I have, and you’re just having fun writing. That’s something I want to experience.

Anyway, this post is about my goals, so I’ll get into that now 😛

In January, my twin brother and one of my sisters both read my NaNoWriMo first draft. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to be working on this year, but after a super awesome Cheerleader session with Bella and Livy (if you’re looking for someone to guide you in your writing journey, no matter where in it you may be, I highly recommend you check out their cheerleader sessions!), and getting a game plan from them, I’ve decided to edit it.

I finished my first read through this past Tuesday, and now I’m onto the second. I’ll probably do three read throughs before I begin to make changes and get some story feedback from my alpha (that’s funny to say idk XD).

So, my goals for this month are:

  • Read through the printed out manuscript.
  • Read through the draft aloud.
  • Re-outline the novel.
  • Begin making changes.

My hope is to have a second draft mostly if not completely done sometime in March. I’ve decided to start the year this way because, with Daisy, my editing “process” was writing three drafts over the course of two and a half years, putting it aside for months at a time because I was sick of it. So, I want to lay a new foundation for my editing process. Make a plan to follow for the future. And to be honest, I’m kind of excited about it. Plus, I’d love to send it off for a critique…maybe get an editor…we’ll see what happens.

I’m also hoping to take advantage of both NaNoWriMo, and the Camps in April and July. I’m not sure which stories I’ll be writing yet, but I’m hoping to get in several first drafts this year.

  • Write Harley or Second Dystopian Novel for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.
  • Write Clayton or Third Dystopian Novel for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.
  • Write *basically whatever I haven’t written yet* for NaNoWriMo in November.

Likely, I won’t publish until next year in the middle of the year, and maybe not even then. Depends on my progress (and growth) this year. But I am hoping to fix up the formatting for Daisy and give it a new cover to match the next books in its series.

And also, other more general goals include:

  • Learn more about Voice.
  • Work on Character Arc and Theme.
  • Go to Realm Makers.
  • Get more comfortable with marketing…

I am not a very good self-promoting person (is that good or bad? both?). But I’m hoping to get better with that, as well as promote Daisy more… It’s published. Might as well get the word out, right?

Anyways, there are my writing goals for this year!

If you want to hear more about my WIPs, you can check them out here. I’ll try to keep it updated and add in my new projects when I start them.

Also. My hope is to film a Q&A vlog for my blogiversary (we’ll see if that actually gets done…), so if you have any questions you want to ask, FIRE AWAY!

Q&A Vlog Questions

Let’s Talk!

What are your writing goals for this year? Are you Outlining? First drafting? Editing? Publishing??

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18 thoughts on “Writing Goals {2018}


    1. Hoooow did I not know you have a twin brother?? Like SOMEHOW I completely missed that? BUT I’M A TWIN ALSO SO *high fives*
    2. MY BLOGIVERSARY IS THIS MONTH ALSO. 😀 (If our blogivesaries end up being on the SAME DAY that’s going to be hilarious)
    3. YAY FOR NANO. I’m not sure if I’ll do normal NaNo, but I LOVE Camp–maybe we’ll end up in the same cabin sometime? 😀
    4. Go you for filming a vlog! I wanted to do something like that for my blogiversary also, but I know NOTHING about video editing. Plus I don’t have a ton of free time to learn. Plus I’m a perfectionist so I know I’d probably refilm the vlog at least a few times… xD
    5. YOU. WILL. LOOOOVE. REALM MAKERS. Trust me on this. It is SO COOL AND FUN to meet a bunch of other bloggers/writers. I’m not sure if I’m going yet or not, but I’m definitely praying about it!

    1. Really?? That’s cool!!! XD *high fives*

      OH NEAT. That’d be crazy! When is yours?? Mine’s closer to the end of the month. And I feel you! For my last vlog, I recorded it on my laptop, and the sound is AWFUL. But my biggest problem was mainly my awkwardness. I had several takes XD.

      Yeah, that’d be fun to be in the same cabin! Last year was my first time, and I kinda failed…and I didn’t really interact with my cabin much (oops!). But I’m really looking forward to it this year!

      I have heard so much about RM!! I went on a stalking spree and read your highlight post, haha! I’m so excited. I hope you can go, Jonathan!!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Those are such great goals. I’m really, REALLY terrible about marketing myself 😛 It’s just…I want to tell people about my writing, but I’m afraid I’ll sound self-absorbed if I do, so I go without marketing, and then…yeah, I need to work on it 😛

    OMW YOU’VE ALMOST BEEN BLOGGING FOR A YEAR?!?! I think I remember when you started, or at least when you started your Instagram account. 😀 I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOUR VLOG!! (the last question I asked might be kinda hard to answer… 😉 )

    Great post!

    1. For real!! I just…don’t like self-promotion. I guess it comes with being a writer though?

      Yeah, I started up both in the same month!! And thanks (I’m really hoping I get it done…we’ll see)! Gosh, tell me about it. I’m gonna have a hard time with that one.

      Thanks, Audrey! <3

  3. Those are some awesome goals, Riley! I’m going to try to edit one (or part of one) of my books this month, too. Realm Makers sounds like a lot of fun but there’s no way I’m affording it. XD

    I think I’m going to try Camp Nanowrimo this April… I don’t know if I’d be able to do all three, so kudos to you for making that your goal!

    1. That’s awesome! Good luck with it! 🙂

      Yesss, totally do it! Haha, I don’t know if I’ll manage all of them, but I’m gonna try at least. Thanks for your comment, Anna! <3

  4. THIS IS SO EXCITING. I LOVE POSTS ABOUT GOALS (anything about goals really lol) AND I BELIEVE IN YOU, RILEY!!!! YOU CAN DO THIS. *cheers from sidelines with copious waffles* I can totally relate about self-promotion. It’s hard!! But yes marketing is HUGE when it comes to self-publishing. I also 100% get behind what you’re doing with writing this year. Sometimes the pressure is on to publish something and show everyone that you’re actually making stuff…but sometimes it’s not the right time to publish! TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED, GIRL. You’ll know when it’s the right time. 😉 I’ll be writing books in April and July too!!! *high fives* I HAD NO IDEA THOSE WERE THE CAMP NANO MONTHS HAHA. THAT IS PERFECT. :”’) I hope you do the Q+A vlog!!! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT. I just sent in some questions too. <3

    rock on!

    1. AWWWWEEEEE THANK YOU, ABBIEE! YOU ARE THE BEST. Yessss, self promotion *face palm* I guess it is kinda important. THANK YOU 😀
      OHHH AWESOME!! *high fives*
      Yeah HOPEFULLY I will get it done! We’ll see if I can get away from the fam for long enough!! And I loved your questions!!😆😆
      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SWEET COMMENT ABBIEE *gives you lots and lots of waffles*

  5. *waves*

    Hi! Just dropping by to say I’m following your blog now! (Beware, I’ll read all your posts…but forget to comment because I’m crazy.)

    Your writer goals sound amazing! For a second there I thought they were for the entire year, but nope! They’re just for this month. Wow, girl! Good luck!

    1. Hi, Mary! Aw, thank you!!

      Oh, they’re for the year! 😛 I’m pretty sure I’d have a stress attack if they were only for the month. But thank you! <3

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