Interview with Ella Marie {FEBRUARY FAIRY}

Hi, everyone! I’m so excited for this post. Today, I’m interviewing one of my very best blogging friends, Ella Marie of February Fairy! Ella is seriously one of the sweetest people I’ve met since I’ve been blogging. She’s an amazing blogger, who just started February Fairy near the end of 2017. Her posts are always fun and uplifting, and I encourage you to go give her a follow and go stalk her lovely blog.

Hi, Ella! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m Ella Marie. A fourteen-year-old blogger and hardcore creative. My mind is growing meadows of wildflowers and moonlit fairy dances. My usual day is filled with writing blog posts, nabbing snippets of story ideas from here and there and daydreaming about theatre. I hope to shine God’s light through everything I do and say.

Have you always known you wanted to blog, or did you recently discover your passion for it?

I started blogging with my sister when I was 12, but I wasn’t very connected to the community until last year. I began trying to grow and improve my blog, but I still felt slightly stifled. So, last October I officially launched February Fairy. Ever since then I have been astonded at the amount of support I’ve gotten. You guys are the best.

In answer to the question; I haven’t always known I wanted to blog, but I definitely enjoy it now!

That’s awesome! What is the main reason you blog?

Getting to connect with other bloggers. There is nothing that makes me happier than getting a note from a blogging friend in my inbox. I love reading other blogs and being inspired by the beautiful community.

Right?? Connecting with other bloggers is the coolest thing ever! What inspired February Fairy?

Before I started February Fairy I knew what my mission would be: to inspire teen girls to live fully and embrace their inward beauty. In other words, a lifestyle blog leaning towards inspiration.  Coming up with the name was the hard part.  At first I was thinking of simply using my name, but after much debate, decided against it. I don’t remember exactly how the name came to mind. The February bit of the title is because I was born in February. And the Fairy part is because I think every girl should feel as lovely and elegant as a fairy.

Your mission is awesome, Ella! And I love the name. What is your favorite topic to blog about?

I really enjoy posts that seem to form themselves. As if the words are simply bleeding from my mind, to my fingers, to the waiting screen. I enjoy lifestyle posts a great deal and how to-s.

What are your favorite blogs to read, and why?

I read so many blogs, but a few of my favorites are Charis Rae, Paper Pizza, Acoustic Erin, Audrey Caylin, and Taya Maddison. Oh, and yours, Riley;)

Yesss! Aw, thank you! Any advice you have for a new blogger?

Don’t start your blog right away. Most sites have a way to make it private while you work on your theme, so I’d suggest turning that on while you work. The first month of blogging may be the most important.  Email as many bloggers as possible and try for a massive blog tour. The more the merrier.

Do you have any specific blogging goals for the rest of this year?

I’d really like to reach 100 followers. I’m actually pretty close, so that’s encouraging. I’d also like to grow my instagram and be better about scheduling blog posts and writing them in advance, instead of at the last minute.

I hope you meet those goals!! Where do you see your blog in a year?

Let me look in my magical ball (is that what those are called), ah, yes. Hmm. I see that I have gained some followers. The header is a little different, but the theme is basically the same. I believe I have stepped up my graphics game and do monthly collabs.

But back to reality. These are mostly things I hope to have done. And no, I sadly don’t have a magical ball.

Haha, everyone needs a magic ball in their life XD. You get to have a big bash with all of your blogging friends- what would you do?

I think it would be good to have a fun ice breaker game to start with. Especially since most of you bloggers are introverts. I think it would be fun the rent out a large house (preferably a mansion as it would be good for writing and so much for to explore). We would have tons of food and an ice cream bar. I think it would be amazing to have a full room devoted to pillow forts and fairy lights. And of course, lots and lots of talking and screaming about all being together in the same room.

Thanks for interviewing me, Riley! This was a blast, and I loved your questions.  <3

Aw, thank you for letting me interview you! I enjoyed it. You guys can find Ella’s blog here.

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11 thoughts on “Interview with Ella Marie {FEBRUARY FAIRY}

  1. Aww, this was such a fun interview! Ella, I admire how quickly you’ve grown your blog. You have a talent for connecting and making others feel welcome. 😀

    And I agree. Let’s rent out a mansion asap and have lots of fun writing adventures. xD

    katie grace
    a writer’s faith

  2. I loved this post, Riley and Ella! 😀

    Ella, you’ve grown your blog so fast and I love it so much! I can’t wait to see where you go this coming year <3

    AND YES PLEASE LET'S RENT THAT MANSION. I want to meet you guys in person and party together XD

    1. Yes, she’s doing so well with it!! I love her blog so much 😀 AND YESS WE NEED A MANSION. Thanks for reading, Audrey!

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