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{A TIME TO FANGIRL} Out of Time Trilogy Book Review

So- after two and a half months, I’m ashamed to say (we’ll blame that on me not wanting to leave this story ever)- I FINISHED THE OUT OF TIME TRILOGY. All over Instagram, and in the blogging world, I had heard about these books for MONTHS. Didn’t hear ONE negative thing about them. And I don’t think I can say anything negative about them after reading them for myself.

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The Hardworking Creative {LAUNCH}

I have some super exciting news to share with y’all, today! Hailey Hudson has just launched a new site, The Hardworking Creative. It’s going to be a super amazing site for creative like you and I. The goal is for people like us to be inspired, motivated, and encouraged! If you want to hear more about the website, I encourage you, read on, friend!