{PASSION} To the Inexperienced Writer

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “My writing isn’t good enough,” or, “I’ll never be as good as they are” ?
I think these are pretty common thought patterns for young and growing writers. We let these thoughts creep in and take hold of us. We’ll look at the progress of famous authors, or even fellow writers and critique partners who are already thriving in their journey, and we’ll get so easily discouraged. We think we’ll never get there! “I’ll never write as eloquently as her.” “My books will never fly off the shelves like his do.”


Writing Goals {2018}

So, this is kind of a special writing year. It’ll be my second year of serious writing, my second year of blogging (later this month is my blogiversary), and knowing more writers this year is the best. Last year, my driving goal was to finish Daisy and publish it before I turned 16. And, well, I met that goal. Then,…

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