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Writing is my favorite thing to do. Sharing my writing? That’s a hard one. But I suppose I could let you in on what my stories are about. You can’t tell anyone, though…

Erilynn & The Hunters

(This title will likely change 😉 )

S y n o p s i s :

Following the job loss of ‘minor job’ holders across the country, people and families are forced to leave the now rich country, which is controlled by tech savvy business men. And as the President quotes, human hands are useless. Technology has covered all the bases- there is no longer a need for harvesters, construction workers, or even a military. 

Erilynn is lucky to remain in the great country, her father being the man who secures the border. But she’s never quite understood the logic or fairness behind the forced exodus. But while that thought has always been there, it’s never central in her thought pattern. Until one day, her father goes missing. 

That alone turns Erilynn’s world upside down, as she is forced to move in with her aunt and uncle. But when a man following her on her way home after school turns into a full blown chase, one crazy night becomes an insane adventure she’ll never forget.

C u r r e n t l y : Editing to write second draft.

G e n r e : Christian Dystopian Fiction

W o r d C o u n t : 50k

R e l e a s e : n/a


Will (The Homeschool Kids)

S y n o p s i s :

Life for Will Austin has always been rough- but never to the extent that it is now. With Will’s dad shipping out again, Will really starts to question whether his father actually cares about him and his life. After all, he’s in high school now. He needs his dad around- not only for advice, but the exciting things that are just around the corner.

But the problem stretches out far beyond that of his dad being gonewhen his thought process allows him to believe that even his best friends could care less about him. Will digs himself a deeps hole, burying himself in his sadness. Will he ever climb back out and realize that, no matter who in the world cares, His Perfect, Heavenly Father does?

C u r r e n t l y : Writing the first draft.

G e n r e : Christian Contemporary Fiction

W o r d C o u n t : n/a

R e l e a s e : n/a

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